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Skid Mounted Solution

FARTAK Skid Mounted Solution International design and manufacture team are specializing for Fuel Gas Package, FARTAK experienced team operating within an ISO 9001 quality management program. We provide full support for our products with high quality and precision.



Pretreatment of the Fuel or Natural Gas is essential to have the proper operation in the downstream processing units.

Separation of liquid and solid droplets from the fuel gas prior to entering the burners in gas turbines and also dew point control and increasing the recovery of the valuable condensate from the Natural Gas upstream the dehydration units are the main purpose of installing the Fuel Gas Conditioning skid-mounted system. 



Fuel Gas Conditioning System (FGCS) is widely used in the power plants in the upstream of the gas turbines to separate the liquid and solid droplets to increase the operating life of the equipment as well as increasing the efficiency of the burning processes.

It is also very good solution to have the FGCS upstream the dehydration units to guarantee the stable operation of the dehydration units especially in the wellheads.


The System Components

The FARTAK FGCS includes following equipment and instrument items in its skid;

  • Inlet feed separators to separate any free liquid.
  • Coalescer package / cartridge filter to remove the liquid and solids particles.
  • FARTAK Electrical Heater to increase the gas temperature to control the dew point.
  • Instrument items for the feed flow and pressure control upon client request to facilitate the monitoring and controlling the process.
  • The emergency isolation and pressure safety valves to protect the system against the abnormal operating condition.

The FARTAK FGCS Advantages

The FARTAK FGCS with the quick installation capabilities saves the installation cost and commissioning time. Its modular design makes the system’s cost low compare to field base installation.

The integrated skid mounted system can be supplied inside the modular building equipped with all necessary facilities like lighting, fire and gas detection, utility connections, vent and drain systems.




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