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Temperature Measuring

Many instruments have been developed to measure and indicate temperature. The instruments that have the frequently usage in the various industries are:

  • Temperature Gauges
  • Temperature Transmitter
  • Temperature Switches
Temperature Gauge

Industrial temperature gauges are ideal and easy for indication of temperature in industrial applications. In the temperature gauges, the measuring principle can be selected according to the process specification. The main measuring principle in the industries are:

  • Bimetal
  • Gas Actuated
Temperature Switches

Temperature switches are used in a variety of industrial and technical processes. If the process temperature is reached the set point, then the temperature switch opens or closes a corresponding switch contact. Depending on the requirements, mechanical or electronic switches can be used. Temperature switches could be electronic temperature switches or bimetal temperature switches.


ITEC offers a wide range of temperature measuring instrument. We have a well-experienced engineering team to suggest the suitable products. These products can be suitable for use in the Oil and Gas, Petrochemical, Mining Industries, etc. All temperature instrument product in ITEC are according world’s top standard and have all necessary certificates.

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