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Level Measuring

Level measurement and control can be found in almost all types of industries; from the food and pharmaceutical industries where hygiene is of paramount importance, to the chemical, oil, gas and petrochemical industries which require robust and reliable instrumentation to suit the hazardous conditions.

Level Transmitters

Level transmitters provide continuous level measurement over the range of the system rather than at a single point and produce an output signal that directly correlates to the level within a vessel. From depth and pressure, to float, radar, ultrasonic, and capacitive, these transmitters employ different technologies designed individually for specific level applications.

Level Indicators (Gauge)

The level indicators are designed to show the level of a liquid in a tank. These are usually mounted laterally both on open or pressure tanks or on the top of underground tanks.

Magnetic Level Gauges

Magnetic Level Gauges have revolutionized the global visual indication market by offering a safer, reliable, and high-visibility alternative to common gauge glass assemblies. The liquid level can be seen with its Indicator. It works according to physical principles that are buoyancy force, pull and push force of electromagnetic. This level controller body and floats are made of various material for using in corrosive processes.


Transparent Level Gauges

In transparent level gauges the medium is contained within two glasses with smooth surfaces. The level of the medium level can easily be seen by looking through the glass. In order to improve visibility under special operating conditions, an illuminator can be mounted on one side of the transparent level gauge. Thanks to resistance of the utilized materials, this level gauge is particularly suitable for use with aggressive media or steam. Protective mica shields can optionally be installed between the medium and the glass.

Reflex Level Gauges

Reflex level gauges allow the medium to be observed through a reflex glass: The side of the glass exposed to the medium has a prismatic surface, while the other side is smooth. The medium level inside the level gauge is indicated by means of  the light refraction principle, i.e., the liquid-filled area completely absorbs the rays of light and appears dark, while the rays of light are fully reflected in the gas / air-filled area, which subsequently appears bright.

Level Switches

Level switches are used for the point-based limit level detection of one or several levels. They work independently of foaming, conductivity, dielectric, pressure, vacuum, temperature, vapors, condensation, bubble formation, boiling effects and vibrations and are suitable for almost all liquid media. The switching operation is contact-free, free from wear and needs no power supply. The simple and proven functional principle of the float switches enables a very wide range of applications, from general industrial applications through to use in process plants.


ITEC offers a wide range of level measuring instrument. We have a well-experienced engineering team to suggest the suitable products. These products can be suitable for use in the Oil and Gas, Petrochemical, Mining Industries, etc. All temperature instrument product in ITEC are according world’s top standard and have all necessary certificates.

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