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LPG / Air Blending Systems

LPG / Air Blender?

LPG / air mixer (or blender) is a system that mixes LPG with air in the desired ratio and gives LPG / air mixture gas (Synthetic Natural Gas) output. In facilities designed to operate with natural gas, the LPG / air mixer allows the use of LPG as a backup fuel in cases such as natural gas outages and peak shaving needs.


Where is it used?

  1. Backup system for natural gas consumers.
    Due to rising natural gas consumption in the worst conditions and shortage of natural gas for production plants and factories, users who want to switch to LPG as their primary energy source can also utilize an LPG / air mixer, without any modification to their existing natural gas-powered equipment.
  2. Economic savings for natural gas consumers.
    Another use case is for companies that want to use natural gas at more affordable intermittent tariffs. While benefiting from the price advantage provided by the intermittent tariff, it is possible not to be affected by these interruptions thanks to the LPG / air mixer system that is automatically activated during possible interruption hours.


Highlights for LPG / Air Blender

  • Compliance with PED & ATEX 2014/34/EU
  • Up to 8000 kg/hr. Capacity
  • Compatible with any LPG Composition
  • Plug-and-play installation, easy commissioning
  • Fully automated design with embedded control panel
  • State-of-the-art Robust and Reliable Electromechanical Design
  • Easy Operation, Long Service Life
  • Both high and low pressure applications
  • Outlet feedback system for adjustment of LPG/Air ratio
  • Adjustable LPG/Air mixture ratio according to demand
  • Skid-mounted single unit structure, easy transport and deployment
  • Valve fault detection
  • Daily and monthly data logs
  • No manual adjustment needed, the system automatically adjusts the mixing ratio



Substitution of Fuels:

Without changing the equipment settings, it is possible to use an alternative fuel via bringing the combustion characteristics of both fuels very close to each other.

Wobbe Index:

The most reliable reference that gives an about the combustion characteristic of a fuel, and therefore its substitutability, which is proposed by an Italian scientist Wobbe. This index is calculated by dividing the combustion energy provided by the unit amount of fuel by the square root of the specific gravity of the fuel. (Wobbe Index = HHV/(SG)½ )
Fuels with the same or very close Wobbe indices can be used interchangeably without modifying the combustion equipment.


Have Natural Gas Backup System for your plant.

SNG back-up systems consist of 4 main modules: LPG transfer pump, LPG vaporizer, air compressor, and LPG/Air mixer (blender).
Provides uninterrupted energy supply to strategic points and helps the customers to avoid costly production breaks.
Our team will be design and supply SNG Backup System according your plant requirement and consumption, and your will achieve the following

  • Freedom in terms of energy supply, with stable calorific value output.
  • Quick installation and little maintenance requirement.
  • No need for setting changes in most burning devices.
  • LPG, which is an alternative fuel source, is easy to supply and store.
  • Safe, because of embedded automation system with high level of safety level.
  • Allows the customers to manage their fuel cost via monitoring Natural Gas and LPG prices, which fluctuate frequently throughout the year and generate large savings.



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