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The Uestco Company (Fabbrica Apparecchiature Termoelettriche Industriali) has the purpose of designing, fabricating and selling electric heaters of various sizes and types. Its industrial activity started in 1945 (the Company was founded on December 4th, 1945), based in Via Bigli, Milan. Subsequently, in the 1960s the Company moved its business to Via Voghera, also in Milan.
In 1988 the Company built a new complex located on the outskirts of Milan and moved its new electric resistance production department to that site. On this site, the Company uses the most modern industrial technology to produce its electric heaters.

The armored electric heaters are the most technologically advanced and reliable solution when it comes to electric industrial heating. In fact, thanks to the high magnesium oxide insulation value, they have a long working lifespan even under particularly demanding conditions. Theoretically, they can be shaped into wide-ranging forms and supplied within a large variety of diameters, lengths, and materials. The range of heaters produced by Uestco, besides being one of the most complete offered on the markets, is easily on a part, in terms of constant technological updating and continuous improvement in terms of quality, with the products made by the leading manufacturers on the world market in this sector.

In fact, some of these, convinced of the excellence of Uestco products and the excellent value for money they represent, offer them on markets around the world along with their own brands. Products made by Uestco are exported to the most technologically advanced countries and its major markets are in Europe, North and South America, Asia, and North Africa. The share of its products directly exported exceeds 50%. Indirectly, this figure exceeds 80%, and the trend is clearly increasing because of the excellence and quality of the products it supplies.


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