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Control Panels for Safe Area


F.A.T.I. has accumulated a lot of experience in thyristor controls (SCRs) used to regulate the temperature of electric heaters - from a few kW up to more than 5 MW - used in industrial, chemical, petrochemical, geothermal, and technical gas processes. All our products are developed according to the Customer’s instructions and in close collaboration with them, and comply with CENELEC standards and/or any specific standards required for international markets.


This experience has allowed us to tackle new technologies and diversify our field of activity, by means of collaboration:

• With Clients that produce energy, for development in the "alternative sources" field;
• With Research Bodies and one of the leading plant manufacturers worldwide, for making prototypes in the sector of new technologies in the energy field.


Of the products we make, special mention should be made of:

• The temperature control panels for pollutant (H2S - Hg) damping processes containing gaseous fluids, and for hydrogen injection processes for fuel cells;
• Complete process control systems for experimental fuel cell plants. Temperature control systems for the production of technical gases, control systems for ovens, industrial baths, and for heating and air-conditioning.

Since we have taken part from the outset in projects with a high technological content, we now possess a wide range of skills and have acquired wide experience in a multiplicity of design areas.

The components we use are selected from the finest brands available on the market, or aligned with the Customer's specifications. Due to its direct, long-term relationships with its Customers, F.A.T.I. is able to offer a product that is competitive in terms of innovation and price. Striving for maximum production quality is imperative for us: this means that even the finest details for wiring and the orderly layout of all components are seen to, since immediate identification of the various units in the various sections of the panel ensures greater simplicity if modifications have to be made and greater safety for the operator where they are required to act in case of a fault or malfunction.

Before delivery, each electric panel undergoes careful inspection and various functional tests, according to the requirements of the EN 61439-1 standard. Our in-house standard calls for the issuing of test reports, declarations of conformity, and printouts for electrical insulation, equipotential, and dielectric strength tests. This documentation, which certifies the suitability of the product and the strictest compliance with the reference standards, is given to the Customer along with:

• Wiring diagrams,
• List of components,
• Detailed use and operation manual.


Our services guarantee:

• Feasibility analysis of a design;
• Production of electrical and functioning diagrams;
• Identification of components;
• Construction of the Electric Power / Control Panel Choice of materials, components, and equipment;
• Development of software for PLC and/or supervision system using field BUSES (MOD-BUS, Profibus);
• Development of HMI interface software Testing;
• Commissioning, start-up, training (if required) on the Customer's premises or other premises, in Italy and abroad;
• Maintenance and assistance for existing plants;
• Remote assistance.

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