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Spare Parts

We provide a wide range of spare parts for some O&G and industrial applications, like:


Gas Processing & Transmission – Oil & Gas Production

In the Gas Industry, an efficient filtration/separation system is critical to the reliability and performance of the physical assets that process petroleum products. Optimizing the reliability of these filtration systems is essential in maximizing your operational performance.

Injection Water

Solid contaminants can foul injection wells.

Glycol Dehydration

Maintain reliability of glycol re-generator, reduce contractor foaming, and preserve gas specification.Rich Amine Treatment

Liquid hydrocarbons and particulates from the amine system can cause contactor fouling and foaming.

Turbine Protection

Removal of lube oil contaminants and the prevention of build-up on turbine blades.

Compressor Protection

Reduce water content in hydrocarbon condensate to avoid corrosion in pipelines and remove solid contaminants.

Additional Oil & Gas Production Filtration Applications:


·       Air Filtration Systems

·       Fuel Filtration

·       Hydraulic Systems

·       Water / Wastewater Treatment

·       Lube Oils

·       Oily Water Treatment

·       Seawater Injection


Refinery & Petrochemical

In the highly competitive Refinery and Petrochemical industry, efficient maintenance, process operations, and reliability techniques have a direct effect on the bottom line


Power Generation

Typical Power Generation Applications include:


·        Hydraulic & Lubricating Fluids: Removal of corrosion contaminants for the protection of rotating equipment and other critical components.

·        Clean Fuel Gas: Filtration of oil, water, and solids protecting gas engines and turbines.

·        Water Treatment Systems: Removal of resin fines to prevent fouling of the deaerator internals and filtration of water borne contaminants.

·        Turbine & Generator Protection: Contaminant removal from intake and air systems, as well as, gas streams.



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